B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition) Grading Scale & Categories

B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition)
B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition)

Album Review grading scale
B.A.R.S (1st listen edition) grading scale

Oh, so you're mad about what your favorite artist got rated?  You're confused that popular artist got such a low rating?  I don't think you should worry.  I'm a tough grader.  If the album gets above a 70%, I can confidently recommend it to you.  Anything below and it must not be for me.  I don't like to say things are wack, because artist work so hard, but some things don't hit.  I always say, if everyone is a 'yes' man, how will they ever 'no' they need to improve.  That's what the most unbiased and objective brand you can trust is about.

album review categories
B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition) Categories

Do you want it raw, or do you want it sugar coated?  Are you sick of listening to opinions from music critics that sold their opinion to make a quick buck?  That's not what I'm about.  If it's good, it's good.  Beat, lyrics, ability, and substance.  In some way shape of form, these criteria is what I focus on.  I'm aware some beats can be so good that trash lyrics don't matter.  Or maybe vice-versa.  That's why this is 1st listen.


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