Free Nationals: Free Nationals (2019)

Free Nationals: Free Nationals album review (2019)
Free Nationals: Free Nationals (2019)

It's the most unbiased and objective brand you can trust, man listen up.  Free Nationals has burst onto the scene with a self-titled masterpiece.  This could be 2019's crown jewel in R&B.

This projects sounds like some of the funkiest musicians built a time machine and stepped into 2019 to show the world what good music sounds like.  If Free Nationals was any more soulful, we'd need a seance.  The sultry and sexy sound of "Beauty & Essex" featuring Daniel Caesar and Unknown Mortal Orchestra set's the mood and the tone that might lead to a baby somewhere.

Other stand outs include "On Sight", "Shibuya", "Apartment", "Time", "Eternal Light", and "The Rivington".  "The Rivington" includes such an interesting feature in Griselda.  The Street-core Hip-Hop wordsmiths.  It works... Really well.

Free Nationals earned every bit of their 5 BAR debatable classic rating.  88.64% is the highest graded R&B project of 2019.


5 BAR rating
5 BAR [debatable classic]


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