Snoh Aalegra: - Ugh, those feels again (2019)

Snoah Aalegra: - Ugh, those feels again album review (2019)
Snoh Aalegra: - Ugh, those feels again (2019)

It's the most unbiased and objective brand you can trust, man listen up.  I'm just gonna say it, Snoh Aalegra, "-Ugh, those feels again" is one of my favorite R and B projects of 2019.  Smooth, sexy, musical candy to the ear, she brings a classic soul vibe that the music industry is missing.  You probably haven't heard of her, but you will. You SHOULD.

"I Want You Around" is in contention for R and B song of the year.

She continues an onslaught of beautiful music with "Whoa", "Find Someone Like You", "Love Like That", Charleville 9200, Pt. II", "You", "Nothing to Me", and "I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love". 

Truly an amazing piece of work and I will be looking forward to everything with her name attached to it going forward.

I can confidently recommend this album, as it is a 5 BAR, debatable classic.


5 Bar rating
5 BAR [debatable classic]


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