S1 EP. 2: B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition), All Hail YT: The Spoils of Babylon (Reaction)(Review)

S1 Ep. 2: B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition), All Hail Y.T.: The Spoils of Babylon (Reaction) (Review)

This is a reaction video and a review video.  I grade All Hail Y.T.'s new album on the 1st listen.  This is what the B.A.R.S. (1st listen edition) show is about.  I listened to over 400 albums in 2019.  I thought it made sense to start recording my process.

Love it or hate it.  Enjoy.

If you want to skip through look below.

Introduction: 0:45

All Hail Y.T.: Spoils of Babylon

1 Alas Babylon: 02:04
2 Trill Thangz III: 04:16
3 Royal Flush: 05:46
4 Black Bond: 06:46
5 The Hanging Gardens: 08:00
6 The Springs of Assyria: 09:07
7 New Year's Eve in Babylon: 10:55
8 Brooks' Song:
9 Charlatan's Ruse: 11:24
10 Saturn 5 (Interlude): 12:43
11 Exodus Quest: 13:44

Review: 15:00
Grade: 16:19

Stand out tracks

Alas Babylon
Charlatan's Ruse
Exodus Quest

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