Why LEEeveryday?

The "LEE" in LEEeverday is actually, not only my name, but an acronym encapsulates what I want my legacy to be.  Yeah, I know that's heavy, but that's how I think so work with me.

L: Love- Love yourself and love others.  This reminds me to do what I love and to love what I do.  I love, music, art, sports, and spirituality.  If I want to create anything, start with what I love, then go from there.  Seems simple right?  This reminds me that love is the most powerful energy in the world.  It's one of the highest vibrating frequencies we can provide.  I choose love and other positivity, instead of fear and other negative energy that's so prevalent in the world today.  It is a choice.

E: Enlighten-  This reminds me of what I perceive to be one of the keys to spiritual growth.  Enlighten yourself and others.  Inform yourself and others.  Shed light on concepts that were once dark to you and others.  Spread knowledge as best as you can.  Seek knowledge as best as you can.

E: Encouragement-  This reminds me to encourage myself and others.  To inspire because inspiration can be seen as a beacon of light when things go dark.  It's a lighthouse to the ships at sea that have no idea where the shoreline is.  Why not encourage when so many discourage?

"everyday", should go without saying.  These are the things I strive to achieve in as many interactions as I can.  This is what I hope to achieve with whatever I choose to create in this world.  This is my blueprint for success.  Not any monetary gain, but if I stay true to what I want to stand for.  No, seriously.  

LEEeveryday is a movement.  Anyone can be LEEeveryday.  Anyone can live by these rules.  Anyone should want to.  Or at least be inspired to develop your own movement that is similar.  The more like-minded, individuals, the better.

Let's build.

LEEeveryday: LEEeverday theme song


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